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Our eyes are the gateway to the world, and it is our mission to safeguard them. From conditions like macular degeneration to the impact of glaucoma on your vision, risks are ever-present. Taking them lightly is a luxury you can’t afford, that’s why we offer comprehensive eye exams.

Imagine missing the vivid hues of a sunset or the smiles on your loved ones’ faces. Regular eye exams are your safeguard against these threats, allowing us to detect issues before they become serious.

Our comprehensive eye examination goes beyond the traditional eye chart. We thoroughly assess: 

  • Ocular health
  • Visual field
  • Common eye diseases
  • Peripheral vision
  • Eye pressure
  • Colour vision
  • Visual acuity
  • Double vision
  • Systemic diseases affecting your eyes

And more

How to Prepare for Your Eye Exam

Gather Your Essentials

Before you head to your eye exam, make sure you have your current eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions.

Know Your Medical History

Your family history holds valuable insights for your eye doctor. Whether there is a history of macular degeneration, retinal detachment, or glaucoma, this information is crucial for evaluating your susceptibility to specific eye conditions.

Be Sympton-Savy

Jot down any symptoms or concerns you’ve been experiencing, such as eye strain or blurred vision.

Prepare for Dilatation

Bring sunglasses; your pupils might be dilated, making your eyes sensitive to light for a few hours after the examination.

How Long Does a Comprehensive Eye Exam Take?

A comprehensive eye exam can take between 20 to 45 minutes. The duration depends on various factors such as whether you need contact lenses, pupil dilation, your age, and medical history.

At Fairlawn Eye Care, we understand that your time is valuable. Our exams are designed to be both thorough and time-efficient.

Whether it is your first visit or you are a returning patient, we aim to provide a comprehensive eye examination that fits into your busy schedule.

We assess various aspects of your eye health and vision, from visual acuity to ocular structures. This ensures that we detect any potential issues early, such as eye diseases or vision loss.

So, what should you expect?

  • If you have completed your intake form in advance and you are here for a routine check, your visit may take less than 40 minutes, ensuring a quick and efficient experience.

  • For new patients or if you need additional tests, please anticipate a more extended appointment duration.

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Understanding Your Results in 6 Key Steps

1 – After your comprehensive eye exam, we ensure you are well informed about your ocular health. Our dedicated team will answer any questions you have about your examination and discuss your results in detail.

2 – If you require glasses or contact lenses, we will guide you through your options, ensuring you leave with the clearest vision possible.

3 – Your treatment plan is tailored to you, addressing any health issues or symptoms that were uncovered.

4 – Routine eye exams serve as your primary defense against eye diseases. We will assist in scheduling your next appointment, ensuring you stay proactive in managing your eye health.

5 – If we detect any indications of eye diseases like glaucoma or macular degeneration, we will discuss the next steps and current treatment options available. 

6 – We can also provide a comprehensive summary of your exam results, allowing you to share them with your primary care physician for a well-rounded approach to your overall health.

This comprehensive approach ensures that when you leave our clinic, you will be well-prepared, informed, and in control of your eye health.

A Comprehensive Eye Exam in 8 Stages

Our comprehensive eye examination is your gateway to proactive eye care.

1. Visual Accuity Assesment: Seeing The Letters

2. Colour Vision Evaluation: Exploring a Spectrum of Possibilities

Next is a Colour Vision Evaluation. This step goes beyond mere colour identification; it’s aimed at detecting any potential colour vision deficiencies. Our goal is to guarantee that you experience the world in its complete spectrum.

3. The Cover Test: Revealing Hidden Issues

The Cover Test is primarily aimed at identifying strabismus, which refers to the misalignment of the eyes. In this examination, we will cover one of your eyes and instruct you to concentrate on a distant object. This procedure allows us to carefully assess the functioning of each eye, both individually and in coordination, ensuring their proper alignment.

4. Ocular Motility: Tracking Your Eye Movements

We evaluate your ocular motility, which determines how effectively your eyes track a moving target. This assessment is vital for activities such as reading and participating in sports, where the agility and precision of your eye movements are essential.

5. Stereopsis: Measuring Depth Perception

Depth perception is crucial for everyday activities such as driving. Our Stereopsis assessment gauges your capacity to perceive three-dimensional objects and assess depth within your surroundings.

6. The Slit Lamp Exam: A Closer Look

The slit lamp examination enables us to view both the internal and external components of your eyes. Employing a high-powered lens and a focused beam of light, we meticulously inspect for any irregularities or indications of ocular disease.

7. Tonometry: The Pressure Check

Tonometry is the procedure for gauging the intraocular pressure within your eyes. Elevated pressure may serve as an indicator of glaucoma, a condition often referred to as the “silent thief” of vision as it involves painless vision loss.

8. Dilation: Essential for Thorough Examination

Pupil dilation, achieved by administering drops to enlarge your pupils, enables us to observe the blood vessels and other internal structures of the retina for any potentially sight-threatening conditions.

Looking for a comprehensive eye exam in Toronto?

Your eyes are the gateway to life’s most cherished moments. Ensure they remain a focal point of your healthcare regimen.

At Fairlawn Eye Care, we provide a thorough eye examination as we believe in early detection and prevention of disease to safeguard your vision. 

If you are seeking a comprehensive eye test, residents of Toronto can trust us for professional care and meticulous attention to detail that exceeds expectations.

Don’t let the beauty of life’s visual wonders escape you. Schedule an appointment with us today and maintain a clear and focused perspective on the world around you.