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Vision Therapy

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What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is an individualized doctor designed program that aims to treat and improve visual function. The program is available for people of all ages who want to improve their visual efficiency and visual information processing skills. It is also used to help treat those with amblyopia (lazy eye), traumatic brain injury or concussion, and strabismus (eye turns/cross eyed). Additionally, it can benefit individuals with focusing problems, learning related problems and visual efficiency problems in children with learning disabilities or developmental delays. Many athletes also use vision therapy to train their eyes to improve hand-eye coordination and eye tracking abilities.

Some symptoms of visual problems that may need vision therapy include:

  • blurry vision when reading
  • eye strain at near
  • difficulty focusing back and fourth from different distances
  • problems with depth perception, poor hand eye coordination
  • excessive fatigue after school work
  • double vision

Vision therapy involves one-on-one weekly in-office training sessions and home therapy exercises that are designed specifically for you. A therapy session can run from 30-60 minutes and can last from months to a year. To see if vision therapy is right for you, please make an appointment with us for a binocular vision evaluation.

5 Fundamental Aspects of Vision Important for Learning

Acuity = Seeing 20/20

Visual perception = Ability to interpret, perceive and identify visual information

Eye tracking = Ability to fixate and follow smoothly, quickly and precisely

Eye teaming = Ability of the eyes to work together and see single image without much effort

Eye focusing = Ability to keep clear vision at all distances


Vision Therapy FAQ

What does vision therapy use?

Vision therapy can involve the following:

  • Therapeutic lenses
  • Prisms
  • Filters
  • Occluders or patches
  • Electronic targets with timing mechanisms
  • Balance boards
  • A variety of special tools designed for specific and unique vision therapy activities

What is the goal of vision therapy?

  • Help patients develop or improve fundamental visual skills and abilities
  • Improve visual comfort, ease, and efficiency
  • Change how a patient processes or interprets visual information

How do I know if I am a candidate for vision therapy?

At Fairlawn, we can evaluate your candidacy. If you have a history of amblyopia (lazy eye), traumatic brain injury or concussion, strabismus (eye turn or cross eye), learning related problems, eye strain or fatigue especially with near work, poor concentration or aversion to reading, you may be a candidate for vision therapy.

Is there homework?

In order to succeed in the program there will be daily homework assignments. They may involve computer or stand alone activities. A home therapy equipment package will be available for purchase once you sign up for vision therapy.

You may book an appointment on our website here, call our office at 416-482-5352 to sign up or email us at info@fairlawneyecare.com.